Medical Grade Face Mask

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This mask has been developed following guidelines from the Department of Anesthesiology at University of Florida. More information can be found by clicking here

Mask Details:

  • Made with two layers of medical grade Hylard material 
  • Cone shape
  • Adjustable ties 
  • Adult fit 

Care Instructions:

  • Material is effective yet delicate and must remain dry 
  • Must be sterilized after every 24 hours of use 
  • Sterilize by placing in the oven at 165 degrees for 30 minutes 

Disclaimer: We do not claim that this is to be used in place of an N95 mask but has been tested to be as effective according to different studies. This material is delicate and may tear easily. By purchasing this mask, you acknowledge that returns can not be made if mask has become damaged after purchase. 


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