Our Programming


Re:new Project is a faith based non-profit created to meet two needs of the refugee population: community and employment. We do this by offering free sewing and ESL classes to refugee women who have resettled in the Chicagoland area, to tangibly show the love of Christ. When we can, we hire the graduates of the program to work in our studio to create and sew our beautiful products that we sell in store and online. The majority of our material comes from donations from our community.



Our Classes:

Sewing Classes: Re:new offers free sewing classes to any refugee woman, regardless of their skill level. This class is taught once a week in the studio by volunteer sewing teachers. Throughout the class, students learn about machine maintenance, sewing basics, and how to make Re:new products. There are 18 lessons in total and students can go at their own pace.

ESL Classes: Our ESL classes are volunteer led, conversationally based, and adjusted to meet the needs of the individual Artisan or student. These classes are offered for free to students and Artisans.


Our Artisan Program:

Re:new offers flexible, part-time employment to graduated students. While an Artisan, they have access to the Alistair Care and Share Fund to help cover unexpected needs, community through friendship, continued ESL classes, a mentor, and the opportunity to refine their workplace skills. Artisans are welcome to stay in our program for two years, finishing their time with a graduation ceremony to celebrate their incredible growth before they take the next step in their career! 

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Gloria is the founder and owner of a thriving floral business in DuPage County. She is also a refugee, who was resettled in the US after fleeing her home country of North Korea. Her journey was difficult, marked by years of trafficking, forced labor, and time in prison. But, by the grace of God, Gloria was eventually resettled in the Chicago area and found her way to Re:new. 

Here, Gloria not only found support and community, but she also was able to develop her design skills and gain experience that helped her to set out on her own. Re:new provided a safe space for Gloria to learn about day-to-day business operations and how to develop a successful business plan. She left Re:new in 2015, equipped to navigate life in her new home. Since then, her business has grown and she now employs 3 other people! Today, she continues to give back to Re:new by visiting the Artisans to teach and share how to start their own businesses. 

We are so proud of Gloria, and we are humbled to be part of her story. Thank you for your partnership with us to create a space for refugee women to heal, hope, and pursue new dreams. Because of you, refugee women can have a future like Gloria’s.


“Re:new helped me because I learned all about business! Now, I have my own business. Re:new helped my dreams come true.”