We are heartbroken....

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We are heartbroken....

Dear Friends,

I write this sitting in a silent studio, heartbroken.

I am heartbroken that so many lives have been at risk around the world. 
I am heartbroken that this studio will be quiet for an unknown amount of time. 
I am heartbroken that families are facing trying financial times.
I am heartbroken that many of our Artisans face uncertainty. 

I was not prepared to feel grief when I told the Artisans that we need to close the studio to keep them safe. I had grown to love the life-giving laughter I was surrounded by everyday. I admired their hard work ethic to provide for their families. I felt the sense of community, hitting pause to gather in fellowship over a potluck lunch every afternoon. To be blunt, I miss them. 

During this crisis, I, along with the staff and board of Re:new, remain committed to serving the Artisans as best we can despite being closed. While we navigate this strange time, there are five ways you can partner with us today to make an impact in the life of refugee Artisans:


1. Pray for the Artisans, Re:new and the global crisis

2. Donate by clicking on link https://www.renewproject.org/pages/donate-now

3. Shop our handcrafted products online at www.renewproject.org 

4. Share about us on social media 

5. Provide gift cards for the Artisans (Walmart, Target, groceries stores, etc) 


With your help, we can stay true to the mission of Re:new to support refugee women as they thrive. Thank you for your kind consideration! 

With gratitude, 
Kristi Zboncak, Executive Director  

P.S. If you would like to provide tangible gift cards, they can be mailed to our store or slipped through the mail slot of the store and we will ensure they are distributed.