Re:new Project Artisan Interview

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Re:new Project Artisan Interview

One of our Bible study teachers, Andrea, was able to sit down with one of our talented Artisans. The Artisan is not being identified due to ongoing persecution in her home country. Enjoy the interview below!



ANDREA: This artisan has the amazing ability to see God’s favor and His working throughout her life. I have the joy of interviewing her tonight and sharing just a small sliver of her life, her testimony, and what being at Re:new means to her.


ANDREA: Your life story is one characterized by perseverance. You came from the tribe of Kunama in Eritrea. In 2008 your tribe experienced ethnic persecution that included the president killing members of your tribe so being 8 months pregnant with a 4-year-old and a 2 year old. You had to flee and began what was a 6-year journey from Eritrea to Sudan and then on to Ethiopia. Ultimately you landed in America. Looking back at this time, can you briefly describe having to leave your home?


ARTISAN: I remember going to hiding and then escaping to my brothers house who helped us sneak across the border. I had to put clothes on that covered me from head to toe and hid my two young children under my clothes to sneak them across. I remember being scared for my family and crying a lot.


ANDREA: What an incredibly harrowing journey. Fearing being murdered, sneaking across the border with two kids holding onto your legs hiding under the long clothes you were wearing!  WOW!


ANDREA: Looking back at that time you can see how God was at work. You even called out “God is my shepherd” over and over as you made your journey. How did God take care of you during that time?



  • I was able to be with my husband and give birth to my baby girl in a refugee camp in Sudan surrounded by Christians.
  • God protected us as we then had to flee Sudan and make a dangerous journey to Ethiopia.
  • In Ethiopia God gave me a job with Christian bosses. Our refugee camp in Ethiopia had good living conditions.
  • In 2010 Jesus became my personal savior. I learned how to pray from an evangelist that came to our refugee camp.
  • God has answered many prayers and brought us safely here.


ANDREA: God is good! An amazing testimony of God’s provision in your refugee camp in Sudan and then in Ethiopia. It is neat how God brought Christians into your life to help.


ANDREA: God brought you to Re:new. What has being an artisan meant to you?


ARTISAN: I have always dreamed of learning to sew and was excited to become an Artisan. Re:new is a place filled with love. Through the sewing classes, I’m learning a new trade, through the English classes, computer classes and other classes, I’m gaining knowledge. And I’m growing spiritually with our Bible study, discussions with other artisans, and mentorship of those that work with Re:New.


ANDREA: How has Re:new helped you prepare for working in America?


ARTISAN: It has given me confidence to know I can contribute and have value.


ANDREA: Throughout your life you have invested in and served others, in Eritrea, working for The Netherlands Project that bought cattle for widows, working as a social working, working to create a city garden with other refugees in Ehtiopia, as well as serving the orphans there. How has Re:new reinforced that passion? From what you learned at Re:new how do you plan on investing in others?


ARTISAN: Seeing the volunteers and employees invest in our lives and provide care for us, has definitely made me want to help others. 


ANDREA:  Your love for the Lord and for others is so obvious to us all and I am so thankful to have you as a friend. Your prayers for others, words of encouragement, desire to share of Jesus’ saving power, and your consistent display of God’s love through the care of all you interact with is inspirational. We are blessed to have you part of our Re:new family! 



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