Meet Arzo

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Meet Arzo

Help us welcome Arzo! She is Re:new Project's newest Artisan. We are so excited to have her as part of this amazing team. Read her story below!




Where are you from?



What was life like there?

I could not go out after 7pm in Iraq out go fear.


When did you move to America?

August 8, 2016


What was it like when you moved?

I like freedom. Sometimes I come back home anytime I want. In my country no one comes out after 7pm. I like the help I get from this country.


What do you miss about home?

It is good here. No good in my country.


What are you excited for at Re:new?

First I come for sewing class and I like the people. I like the people and I love sewing. I had sewing machine in Iraq and I loved it. 


What are your dreams?

I would love to have a my own business in the future.




If you would like to help support Arzo as well as our other wonderful Artisans, click the link below. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Arzo's story. We are so thankful she is here!