Send a Valentine to Re:new Artisans & New Students

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Send a Valentine to Re:new Artisans & New Students

We love celebrating Valentine's Day, as it's a reminder to revel in the goodness of all of the wonderful relationships in our lives. This year we'll be hosting a special Valentine's Day luncheon for the Artisans who work for Re:new as well as the New Students in our sewing classes.

We want you to help us make the event extra special. Join us in creating a fun Valentine for the Artisans by following the instructions below.


Step 1: Choose a name (or several!) from the lists below.

Step 2: Create or sign a fun Valentine with a kind wish or message of support for the Artisans and New Students. Involve your family members, classroom, small group, or book club, and use fun supplies like construction paper, stickers, and glitter!

Step 3: Mail or drop off your Valentine to Re:new by Monday, February 12th. Thank you in advance for helping us celebrate the Artisans and New Students in this special way. Happy Valentine's Day!



  • Fatma
  • Gyulnara
  • Shatha
  • Nigora
  • Farida
  • Komila
  • Ngwa
  • Rajaa


New Students:

  • Yamana
  • Bishnv
  • Dil
  • Kumba
  • Seng
  • Nin
  • Josefina
  • Vashti
  • Waed
  • Pul
  • Fili