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100 Extraordinary Women Campaign

100 Extraordinary Women exists to connect extraordinary women with extraordinary causes. 100EW is a grassroots, community-driven fundraising tool that offers women (and men who want to honor women in their lives) the opportunity to be a part of a larger philanthropic effort.

Re:new Project is proud to partner with the 100 Extraordinary Women to launch a one-time campaign to raise $100,000 as a means to expand the impact of the Artisan Development Programs.

We are looking for 100 women to pledge a gift of $1,000 to Re:new's campaign. Pledges can be fulfilled through a one-time gift ($1,000), an annual gift ($200/5-years) or monthly contributions (over a 1-5 year pledge period). 

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We are so grateful to the following women who have joined our team of 100 Extraordinary Women!

Stephanie Bates * Karen Poulos
Martha Bunch * Anne Pruitt
Karen Burman * Amy Reynolds
Liz Callaway * Jenny Rieger
Alexandra Coniaris * Josie Rothwell
Susan DeLano * Kim Rothwell
Barbara DeLew * Cynthia Royce
Alicia Donovan * Gail Salvatori
Anne Elliott * Rebecca Sandberg
Deborah Fellowes * Genell Scheurell
Kristi Fritz * Jymette Seager
Jennifer Grant * Martha Seneff
Trang Green * Holly Setran
Caroline Heskett * Ana Sheldon
Beth Johnson * Julie Southard
Patricia Keiler * Cathy Troupos
Lisa Knudsen * Kathleen Ueland
Nikki LePore * Becki Utigard
Katy Mangin * Janice Van Dyke-Zeilstra
Kimberley McDonnell * Jennifer Walter
Kathleen McLeroy * Lisa Wolfe
Darci Mills * Nancy Wolfe
Jennifer Ochwat * Sharon Ziesemer