Beautiful Day Granola Bag- Bourbon Pecan

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Start the day right with Beautiful Day's Bourbon Pecan granola. Handcrafted by refugees resettled in Providence, Rhode Island, this snack is the perfect thing to keep you going this season.

Their mission:

"Beautiful Day helps refugees adjust to life in America by offering paid, on-the-job training. Every job in our company is designed to be part of a hands-on classroom where trainees gain critical skills and the confidence to enter the job market. At the same time, our award-winning products educate consumers about the refugee crisis. Every purchase, every bite or sip, provides a practical way to get involved with human displacement and start building more informed, welcoming communities."

To learn more about Beautiful Day, visit their website

Ingredients: Oats*, honey (local), dark chocolate, pecans, canola oil*, granulated cane juice, coconut*, cranberries (Cape Cod cranberries, sweetened), sesame*, barley*, almonds, oat bran*, sunflower seeds*, wheat germ, flax*, oat bran, Wild Turkey bourbon, coconut cream*, cinnamon, salt, vanilla ext, coconut oil*, almond extract, nutmeg.


Contains tree nuts, wheat. 

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