How It's Made September 25 2013, 1 Comment

Re:new creates products that change lives.

Every product at Re:new is handcrafted by refugee women resettled in the United States. Re:new’s production method is not the traditional system of cut-and-sew, where each seamstress is responsible for one specific operation, such as joining pockets or constructing straps. Re:new’s production method enlists each Artisan to create her product from beginning to end, equipping her with all the necessary skills to develop and sew products of her own in the future.

1. Product Development: More Than Just Great Design

Every Re:new product is designed in-house. At Re:new’s studio in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, our skilled Advanced Artisans dream up and design products in tandem with our Production Director. New product designs are reviewed and only the most exceptional are implemented. Re:new products are a symphony of culture, quality, and creativity.

2. Materials: Responsibly Sourced

Over 80% of the materials used to create our products are upcycled. Individuals and businesses in our local community are investing in the lives of refugee women in our community by dropping off textiles at our studio. Donated materials are then checked for quality and sorted into categories by our Production Team.

3. Textile Selection: The Difference Is In The Details

Every Re:new product is one-of-a-kind and hand selected. The Production Team carefully chooses textiles from our stock of new and donated materials, including professional quality fabrics and fun vintage textiles. Each product is professionally crafted with an enormous attention to details down to the last thread.

4. Cutting and Sewing: A Dignified Space

All the raw materials for the product are then carried down the hall, past our flagship store, to the Re:new studio. We are intentional about providing a peaceful and dignified space for our Artisans to sew. The act of creating products of value is a powerful exercise in restoring hope to broken lives. Re:new’s entire space is a place where real women with real stories live with hope.

5. Quality Control: Crafted With Care

No product reaches the store before undergoing a quality control check and review. First, each product is carefully inspected by the Artisan herself to ensure every detail is exceptional. Second, the product goes through our Studio Manager for a review. Finally, our sales associates make one final look of love before it makes its way to you. You can be confident that your purchase has been created with remarkable care.

6. Tagging: The Power of Kind Words


As the final step, each completed product is personally tagged by the Artisan who made it from start to finish. We encourage you to participate in the story of the woman who created your purchase. Through our Send a Note feature, we hope you will connect with her to build bridges, bring awareness, and simply spread kindness.