Celebrating Success! August 15 2013, 0 Comments

Gloria with Streamers

We're celebrating here at Re:new! Four of our artisans have been promoted to Advanced Artisans this summer and we're beginning our fifth year of sewing classes for local refugee women in a few days!

Three Advanced ArtisansAdvanced Artisan Sewing

Nigora, Gloria, Faduma and Za Lian have proven themselves to be accomplished women with beautiful hearts and talent that comes from many hours of hard work, experience and passion for their craft. As Advanced Artisans, they are now teaching other students, cutting their own products, assisting in designing new products, and helping manage the sewing studio!

Advanced Artisan with Bag

If you happen to pop in the store anytime soon, peek around the corner and congratulate them! When you purchase their products, the proceeds cycle back into the employment of our artisans and you get to take home or gift a unique handmade product -- shopping that makes a difference in your community!

Another reason to celebrate? We are particularly proud of our new fall collection. Re:new artisans have been handcrafting the new Kilimanjaro bag in addition to several styles of our popular Crossbody Bag (available online soon!), and many fun and utilitarian zips, sleeves and journals...just to name a few! Take a look at our Fall Lookbook and celebrate what our artisans have been creating!