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Re:new + Sleeping At Last

O'Neals and Sandbergs

Several years ago, my husband and I were at an outdoor dinner at a hotel in Atlanta. After milling around for a while, we found our way to table number 10. Unbeknownst to all of us, the event coordinator had seated everyone by geographical location, and consequently everyone from our table was from the Chicago area. Commence small talk…

“Where are you from?” I said to the fella next to me.
“Oh, right outside of Chicago,” he said.
“Me too, the Western Suburbs.”
“Me too,” he said, “I live in Wheaton.”
“What? So do I!”

Ryan O’Neal, from table number ten, does in fact live in Wheaton…right down the street from us! Over the years, Ryan and his wife Cayt have become two of our closest friends. The O’Neals are transparent and real. So many times and in so many ways, they have challenged my husband and I to never grow weary in doing good. Dailyness is about the people who do life with you. Being around people who uphold the good, true and beautiful has the transformative power that makes the world a nobler place to be. If there were ever a couple that could be called a true lady and a true gentleman, this would be the pair.

As it turns out, Ryan is an incredible musician… well, let’s just call it what it is. He’s a rock star. Ryan, who preforms under the moniker Sleeping At Last, has a mass following and his music can be heard on the big screen, TV shows, So You Think You Can Dance, Kid President, Twilight: Breaking Dawn…the list goes on. As a solo artist and original song-writer, Ryan continues to create captivating music.

If you haven’t heard his music, by all means, download some songs from the Yearbook Collection, or just get the whole thing! It’s just that good! And then check out his new Albums Light and Darkness. My personal favorites, which are often on repeat, include but are not limited to: “Noble Aim” (Yearbook, September), “Light” (Atlas, Light), “I’ll Keep You Safe” (Atlas, Darkness).

Several weeks ago, Ryan asked if Re:new and Sleeping At Last could collaborate in an effort to bring a Re:new product to Sleeping At Last fans…yes, please! And so, for a limited time, we are pleased to point you to the Sleeping at Last website to purchase the newly released EP Atlas: Light and the SLEEPING AT LAST + RE:NEW Limited Collection Messenger Bag. Each bag has the lyric, “You Are Enough” on the front.

Faduma sewing You are Enough Messenger

If you are looking for more, Re:new will also be offering a SLEEPING AT LAST + RE: NEW Limited Edition Zip Pouch with the same lyric, “You Are Enough”.

Faduma holding Pencil Zip

You are Enough Messenger

Buy the Limited Edition “You Are Enough” Messenger Bag
(You will be redirected to the Sleeping at Last website.)


You are Enough Pencil Zip

Buy the Limited Edition “You Are Enough” Pencil Zip

Pictured above: Advanced Artisan Faduma Sufi

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