Artisan Spotlight: Esther May 06 2013, 0 Comments


Esther and twins

Esther was born in Burma, but left the country when she was 23 due to the political instability and the threat of forced labor. She lived in Malaysia for 4 years, where she met her husband. Her parents still live in Burma. Esther and her husband came to the U.S. in 2011. In 2012 they welcomed beautiful twin girls into their family.

Esther's girls


Esther always has a smile on her face and brightens the room when she walks in to Re:new. Even with twin infant girls, Esther somehow manages to find time to slip away and come sew with her friends here.

Esther's Jewelry

In addition to sewing, Esther also makes beautiful jewelry, available in limited quantities in our Glen Ellyn store. We are so glad she is a part of our Re:new family!

Many thanks to Margaret Henry Photography for the beautiful photos of Esther and her twins!