The Inside Matters January 18 2013, 0 Comments

Are you vowing to be more organized in 2013?  Conquer your carry-around clutter with a Re:new Messenger!  Designed with organization in mind, our bag makes it easy to corral your essentials and retrieve them quickly!  Lift up the flap to reveal three outer pockets, perfect for keys, your phone and sunglasses, the stuff you're always grabbing.  Three more interior pockets easily fit hand cream, tissues, gum, pens, business cards, etc.  Never dig around for these little items again!  Tablets, planners and paperbacks easily fit in the middle.  

Rustic Bags have three exterior pockets on the back, two under the flap and three more inside.  It's a slightly wider bag, for men and women alike.  

Style married with organization is a beautiful thing, especially true for these one-of-a-kind messenger bags! 

Chevron Bag

Rustic Bag

Inside of Messenger