Meet Katie. May 09 2012, 0 Comments

Katie Dim was born and raised for half her life in northern Burma, now Myanmar. Her family comes from the Kachin tribe. Her family desired greater things for themselves like education, freedom to worship Jesus and living in a country with choice rather than force.

As a child, she remembers very little. They were given sanctuary in the U.S. when Katie was 11. Her family now lives in Atlanta, GA. She moved to Chicago this past year with her sister to find opportunity to go to school. She doesn't know much about events that happened to her family because her parents wanted to protect their children from the fear of their reality, and still talk very little about their past in Burma.

Despite the vagueness of her family's past, she still hopes and dreams for joy and good things for her people halfway around the world. At 18 1/2, she's confident and ready for opportunity and an excellent college education in Illinois. Other women in the Burmese community directed Katie to Re:new. It wasn't necessarily what she was looking for, but seeing how Re:new has influenced and empowered these women, they suggested that she come to us for future employment.

Katie is an incredible student and accelerates constantly as she learns weekly from Re:new teachers. She's a gem that we eagerly desire to share with you and others, and we can't wait for her to share more of her talents with you!

The first thing Katie said to me was, "You're from Iowa, right?" First of all, I was taken back by her even speaking to me. I have to confess that I didn't know if she liked to talk with anyone in English! Then I was surprised that she remembered my state-of-origin! I laughed and agreed with her. After the ice breaker, we chatted about her recent visit to Iowa to help her uncle, who knows little English, with a seminar in Des Moines.

It is always refreshing to me to connect with someone because of where I'm from or where I've been. I think I'm like many of the women at Re:new in that way. They desire someone who connects with them, their country, their culture, even their words from their mother tongue. So here it is. This is your opportunity to connect with Katie and others like her at Re:new. Believe me, the surprise of joy and friendship that can come with those connections is wonderful! {written by: Anna Thompson}