Springify Your Home!

Spring Leaves
The apple trees, rhododendrons and lilacs are in simultaneous bloom, dotting the landscape with shouts of new & fresh life everywhere I look! Looking through the window gives me great joy these days!

And then I glance around my house and realize, um, I'm still in January. After pawing through tired linens, trying to decide which of these should adorn the Easter table, I made a vow. I will springify my home!

For me, bringing the joy inside (and out, for that matter) looks like this: I cut some rhodo blooms from the front yard and stick them in a pretty vase. It takes 5 minutes, and my home looks a thousand times cheerier.

And for the table? Re:new comes to the rescue with happy designs for spring...vintage place mats & colorfully inspired place mats and table runners with an international twist. Come check them out! You will find them on my table this spring! Here are a few of my favs...
Peacock Place Mat
Blue & Green Patchwork
On The Patio
Bright Place Mat
Red Place Mat
rhodos & re:new
Patchwork Place Mat
Red & Yellow Block{made in our Glen Ellyn studio from donated textiles}

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  • Hi Rebecca and Nancy, I hope you are both well! My pastor and his family (Mark & Sue Adams) are coming to the Wheaton graduation this weekend. Their daughter is graduating. I have told them about your project and I hope they can stop by. Your website is lovely! Blessings to you all, Cathie (and Mary, too)

    Cathie Burke

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