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Faduma is a refugee from Somalia, but this fact has hardly defined her. She remembers being shot in the foot when she was 5. A soldier demanded that she hand over her hard-earned money. With the small sum tightly clenched in her fist, she stood her ground and refused to give it to him. So he shot her.

When she tells the story, I wonder who shoots 5-year-olds for a few dollars. I suppose there is much desperation in weary, war-torn countries. I can't wrap my head around it.

The next day Faduma found the same solider dead on the street, another victim of the endless violence in Somalia. She and her family fled in 1999, and she found herself on US soil when she was 19 years old.
Faduma Sewing
She tells us that sewing was one of her dreams, which is currently being fulfilled here at Re:new! How many of us realize our dreams? She began sewing here in 2009, earned her Certificate of Completion in the spring of 2010, and is an employee now, sewing up piles of recycled textiles into skirts, handbags & other fabulous things.

On a typical weekday, Faduma walks through the doors with a tote full of sewing projects and always a smile. She enjoys sewing at home, tucking it in between cooking (she cooks *so good* food...yum) and helping children with homework. Many of the beautiful items you see in the store are made by Faduma. Her fulfilled dream is our fulfilled mission. Thank you, Faduma. You are special.

Ruffle Bag

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Thoughtful words from the Re:new community:

"Faduma is a bright spot in every day at Re:new. Faduma is an example of pure determination and courage. What I love about Faduma is her willingness to do something she loves and learn every day. She has an incredibly trying story that could have left her hopeless, but instead she has used her trials to become a strong woman who gives hope to others!"

"Faduma is a dear friend. She always has a smile on her face and an encouraging word for those of us at Re:new. I love how she asks me how my family is and remembers if I have a family member with any needs, she always remembers to ask about them. I love how she is always willing to help someone who has a question about a sewing project. I admire her sewing ability also, and her creative approach to each project. She often finds a "better" or "faster" way of making a product than we show her, and I tell her that she is now my sewing teacher instead of me being her sewing teacher. She always laughs and shakes her head. She is a bright spot for us all!"

"Faduma's words flow with every seam she sews, and I enjoy listening! She talks about things I can't imagine, like being shot, having an arranged marriage, and living with the knowledge that much of her family is in danger. But some of Faduma's words resonate: she is proud of her recipes, she worries if relatives are spoiling her children, she loves her mother, and singing brings her comfort. We share so much - I pray for the day we will share even more."