volunteer spotlight {december} November 30 2011, 0 Comments

Karen Howerta has taught sewing on Wednesdays for as long as we can remember.  Her sewing expertise and contagious smile brighten our midweek crew.  As a quilter extraordinaire and dedicated grandma, among other things, Karen is a busy woman, yet she carves out a significant chunk of time every week to bless all of the women here.  We adore that she's a great cutter, she often offers up nifty sewing tips & she's willing to go with the flow and smile on our craziest days.

Our volunteer coordinator, Kari, recently asked Karen about her involvement with Re:new and the impact it's made on her life.  Karen says:

"I have known the Sandberg family for a long time.  When I was told that Rebecca and some of her friends were going to start a ministry to refugee women that involved sewing, I knew I would enjoy being involved.  I started teaching at the beginning and have loved being a part of what happens at Re:new ever since, doing whatever is needed to help the women succeed.

Re:new is somewhere I love to go.  I have realized how important community is to the women.  It is fun to listen to them sing as they sew or have a good laugh together.  It gives me pleasure to be able to help with sewing techniques or cut fabric for sewing projects. I also hope my encouraging words have played a small part in helping the women try new, and often harder, projects.  It has been great to see the obvious pride they have in their work.  Their willingness to grow and try has encouraged me to attempt the same.  I have gone home and stepped out of my comfort zone too.  I have taken what we do at Re:new and applied it to my own life.  Before discarding something, I have often decided to "re-purpose" something and have loved the whole process.

I love how Re:new gives the women a place to go for community and provides a way to bring income to their families."

Thank you, Karen, for your tireless dedication and willingness to happily accomplish whatever needs to be done around Re:new, whether small or big. We appreciate you, love you and are delighted that you're a part of our team!