Spring Sale {preview} April 28 2011, 0 Comments

Re:new's Annual Spring Sale is on the horizon, just 4 days away! Remember last year's sale?

We look forward to another sunny day brimming with the beauty of community.

At our annual Spring Sale (this is our second), it's wonderful to see people from all over DuPage County come and mingle with us. That's you. You are the person who comes and buys a purse made out of donated shirts or a pillow made from Toms-Price fabric samples. You are the person who buys a headband for your daughter or a funky and fun journal for yourself. You are the one who makes a choice to stop in and meet one of the refugee woman, a woman you might have seen walking along the roadside or shopping in the grocery store! A connection is made. Community is built. That's what Re:new is all about.

So join us on Saturday and bring your kids! The teenage refugee women will be face painting, and not your ordinary kind of face painting. Although their normal medium is henna, on Saturday they will get creative with markers.  We'll have refreshments too, so come hang out with us!

And, of course, there will be unique, handcrafted items for sale...LOTS of pillows, market totes, beach towels, children's AND adult summery skirts, the infamous headbands and original journals...AND MORE!