kantha pillows {hand & cloth} March 17 2011, 1 Comment


Simply put, kantha is the art of using a simple embroidery stitch to create simple and complex designs, and many times it's used to sew together layers of old saris to make light blankets.  Kantha has been a quiet form of self-expression for  urban and rural women in India for hundreds of years.

But for Hand & Cloth, a social enterprising ministry in India and Bangladesh, kantha is also a means to heal.   Hand & Cloth is a place where women at risk of prostitution and trafficking come to sew and experience a loving community.    In addition to being paid to stitch kantha blankets, Hand & Cloth provides school scholarships, tutoring and offers regular Bible studies for women who would have little hope otherwise.

Recently Hand & Cloth kindly donated several of their kantha blankets to Re:new to repurpose.    The ladies at Re:new did what they do best, and the resulting pillows are beautiful and each tells a story.   To get a glimpse of what I mean, see these pictures and let yourself enter into these women's lives for a bit.  As I cut  pillow pieces from the blankets,  I wondered about the hidden layers inside.   Each cut revealed thin layers of  saris or cloth sewn together with kantha stitches.  Some of the hidden layers were vibrantly colored, others had intricate patterns.

These special-edition pillows are now in our store.  They are unique and and will grace your home with so much more than beauty!