When Shopping is Good. March 07 2011, 0 Comments

This weekend Re:new had the privilege of partnering with Ten Thousand Villages, a wonderful shop that embraces fair trade and carries beautiful handmade goods from all over the world.  I am always delighted to discover great places to shop, and Ten Thousand Villages definitely moves to the top of my list.

We all have choices when it comes to spending our money.  Whether you're buying a gift or searching for that special something to spice up a room, your choice to shop at places like this or Re:new Project not only fill your need, but you are investing in life, community, and effecting good in the world.  So when my son picked out two intricately carved wooden boxes from India and my sweet girl picked up a little wooden rattle from Cameroon,  I gave in and bought them.  It seemed right.  I don't give in like that at Target!

Do you know where Cameroon is?  I didn't.  I looked it up and learned that it's a country in Africa about the size of California.  The languages spoken there?  French, English and 270 African dialects.  Wow.

All this to say: Think about stepping outside the box when it comes to your next purchase.  Who knows what will come out of it?

And, last but not least, many thanks to all who helped out on Saturday.  Re:new would not be able to accomplish much of anything without our awesome volunteers who give their time and talent so freely.