goodbye clouds. hello sun! January 27 2011, 0 Comments

It may be a gray, cold Midwestern day, but the forecast for Re:new is 72 and sunny! Where is the sun, you may ask? The light comes from the beautiful, brightly colored Spring fabrics the women are using to make bags, skirts, zip pouches, aprons and more.

I came to class today feeling about like the weather outside: dull and gray. I was quickly cheered by my Asian and African friends  - their warm smiles, hugs, and brightly colored dresses.  

When I complained about the weather, my friend from Tanzania said, "God is gracious. There is much to be learned in the seasons." Goodbye gray clouds, hello sun!  After spending the day watching beautiful fabrics transformed into fun clothes, bags, and accessories, I left with a spring in my step and thankfulness in my heart. Come and enjoy the warmth in our sewing studio. Meet the women and do a little shopping to cheer your soul!