{re:create} hawo’s hats

This fall we have discovered Hawo’s crocheted works of art. During knitting class, as we all chat and I struggle to knit one misshapen washcloth, Hawo quietly adds another crocheted beauty to her lofty stack of winter hats and colorful pillow fronts.

Hawo is a refugee from Somalia. She learned to crochet and weave while in a refugee camp in Kenya. Like so many refugees sojourning through life, Hawo lived in the camp for 10 long years. As she recalls, she was about 20 years old when someone taught her how to crochet, and I imagine she has crocheted through many a tough year of waiting and wondering, loss and heartache.

We find her now in our midst, after 6 years in the U.S., gracing us with her warm smile and talented hands, which I have come to appreciate more and more as her story unfolds. She is a woman whose life has been seared with much loss and pain, yet today at Re:new she was dressed in an array of brilliant oranges from head to toe, a silent yet loud pronouncement of her living in the present...just as she chose to do many years ago in that Kenyan refugee camp when she took up that crochet needle and made a choice to learn.

Another talented artisan, Rabika, has embellished some of Hawo’s hats beautifully with her crocheted flowers. We are excited to offer these awesome hats for sale this fall/winter season! These hats will not only keep you cozy, but they are woven together with talented hands that have experienced much trial.

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