Volunteer Spotlight

This Holiday Season we asked one our awesome volunteers to tell us why she spends her time at Re:new. Kate Fleming is a talented seamstress and quilter who spends each Tuesday in the Re:new Studio alongside our Artisans.

Kate, why do you volunteer at Re:new?

As we move from the season of gratitude into the season of giving I am feeling the circle come together in my experiences at Re:new.

Some of us have more time than money and some more money than time. But both are important to making our world a better, richer place. I had a full circle moment this week when Niru showed me pictures of her new house.

How do I know Niru? I volunteer my time at Re:new, where Niru is one of many refugees who is learning the to make beautiful hand crafted bags, purses, and aprons.

She and her family earned this house through Habitat for Humanity and Niru's employment at Re:new. I've been donating to Habitat for probably two decades. I haven't spent volunteer time with this quality charity but I know they do important work, as there are precious few things more important than shelter. 

Many people have stepped up to donating time and money to help out with the tornadoes that blew through the Midwest last month and the cyclone that devastated the Philipines. 

For the little time I spend, I reap great rewards. For the little we each spend, it all adds up to great deeds.

I volunteer because I am thankful for all of the blessings I have received. 

And to show my gratitude I share my time and blessings with others. Peace to you and yours this joyous, giving season, Kate

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