Our Team

Meet our Artisans


Re:new Artisans are refugee women who have who have survived war, persecution, or political conflict and have resettled in the United States.
Re:new provides free training and flexible employment to refugee women from different countries.

Since our founding in 2009, Re:new has served over 150 refugee women from all over the world. 



Dim- Burma



Farida- Georgia



Jalila- Sudan


Karin- Eritrea


Nigora- Uzbekistan


Khuang- Burma


Lun- Burma


Za- Burma

While we do have other Artisans on our team, we are unable to share their information due to privacy.



Meet our Staff



Kristi Helgeson (Zboncak)

Executive Director



Josefina Rengifo Guadarrama

Artisan Program Director


Cheryl Sorenson

Sales & Marketing Director





Meet our Board of Directors



Karen Poulos




Anthony Halpin


Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors



Brittany Fellowes


Fellowes Brands



Diana O'Brien



Bradford Sledge


RLG International



Lauren Whaley


The Codilis Family of Firms